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Individual Mentoring

The Enhances Awareness Program (EAP) is designed to help people bring about the change  they  want  to  see  in  their  lives,  and  have  it  be  sustainable.  You will be provided with the material and guided through this work during weekly  sessions of one hour duration.

This program is designed for anyone, who is wanting to improve the quality of their life. However, most people are usually motivated to participate as they can relate to one or more of these situations;


1. You are committed to ongoing personal growth and are looking for something new and innovative


2. You have come to a cross-road in your life and are uncertain about how to move forward


3. You are experiencing a general feeling of discontent or wanting more out of life or more specifically:

• unhappiness in relationships,

• lack of fulfilment in your career,

• low self-esteem and confidence,

• compromised health and wellbeing,

• lack of direction or an absence of purpose.


4. You have done a lot of self  development or spiritual work but still struggle to maintain the changes or inner-peace

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Belinda Robertson

Phone: 027 4469 902 



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