"Before EAP I was stressed, I felt alone and a little bit crazy – like my life was out of control. Having become a mother in a fairly new relationship and no longer out in the working world I felt like I had lost myself and my freedom.

After EAP I had the ability to look at my life from what I describe to be a birds eye view or from a completely different perspective.  It was invaluable. I was no longer imprisoned by false beliefs and out of control emotions. I enjoyed my time with Belinda who I confided in without judgement and had plenty of laughs."



"Before EAP I was stressed, emotionally exhausted, disconnected and I did not know what my values were.  I lived through the expectations of others. I did not know who I was.

After EAP I became aware of the thought processes that were holding me back.  The work with Belinda enabled me the tools and techniques to observe the thought patterns and this gentle process allowed the changes to happen. "